Two years on-

big buttter moon

big buttter moon

Thanks kate
what silly vainglorious
words can tell
‘holy god must be the promised land’
well i guess i’ll find out
soon enough
at last heart beat
last breath of sweet world
so lopsided and awry
on an axis of foolishness

but you must understand dahlin’
there’s work to do here yet
so much work
so very little time
each heart beat
tolls finite
and fragile
handle with care
we go on apace or a pace
but we go on

but while here
heart’s needle memry strong
as a wintery gust
your gravity pull
like some human humane sun
that lights but never burns
stronger still

we are only human
sometimes barely that
how you’d bibuloulsy wave down this mawkishness
and you’d be right
there’s a corkscrew i must return to lanning
at the very least
it’s the little things
love campbell

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10 Comments on “Two years on-”

  1. Campbell Hendery Says:

    this was so poorly writ-

  2. Campbell Hendery Says:

    boy was it pooorly writ but i guess my heart in right place-
    heart is next to elbow right ?
    elbow elba st helena

  3. Sybilla Says:

    It’s okay, we understand x

  4. It was beautifully written, Campbie ❤

  5. Campbell Hendery Says:

    you are frr too kind

  6. Perfection is far less desirable than passion 🙂

  7. Sybilla Says:

    Aaah, well said Kath 🙂

  8. Gaillard Says:

    Fan tastique

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