My Red Pen- Inka Dinka Doo

My pen has a secret name

My pen has a secret name

In deep cold winter power out
I pulled out my red pen
and wrote vellum letter
by drip wax candlelight
to the one who gave me the pen
out of the blue a red pen
Taverna del ghetto,TRS Friday Feb 18 2011
a gift for no reason,
no quid pro quo
sine qua non
just a gift
the kind I’ve only dreamed of
pure kindness
like the wind at your back

Oh dear friends
this pen fairly write herself
and she writes fairly and concisely
and has taught me not to ask why
and embrace the silence

like so many things
i didn’t appreciate it
at the time
inky dinky
parlons nous
but time
winnows away the dross
appreciation of what really counts
grows slow gentle and daily
until heart beats no more

but when it’s 20 below it’s good to write
by candlelight
and even if the vellum has wax on it
that letter will wend it’s way
through the air
across stormy seas and mountains
and i hope brings a smile
to the 9 lived cat of the long road
who handed me the pen over prosecco
on full moon vento nero bora night

though the postman rings once
and drinks twice
I know he’ll get this one through
This red pen has mojo magic
of resonance
and he will feel it
and deliver said on the pdq
more later indeed !

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5 Comments on “My Red Pen- Inka Dinka Doo”

  1. M Kruger Says:

    Lovely- true

  2. Campbell - Says:

    Thnkas. This one is getting hits- Book(s). Soon 1 possibly 2. The former poems , the latter to be determined – but ready to roll
    thnaks – keep reading

  3. Ron R- I Taught you at McGill Says:

    In 1975 when Louis Dudek and I discussed you, he said you would be the next L. Cohen.- Knowing your love of confessional poetry ( I still have the Sylvia Plath Lampoon you wrote) I said you would be the next Robert Lowell. I am old and sick now Campbell but you MUST publish. Dianne and I are living in Mass. now. You must publish- I found tgis weblog through a MS that is being circulated down here through my publishing house whichis in bankruptcy proceeding as we speak.
    Do You remember the fight you had with Yevtushenko ? A highlight of my 35 years at McGill
    Cheere !
    Ron R
    Hroton Mass.

  4. Campbell replies Says:

    You are too kind-both you and Louis gave me the confidence to write. I haven’t stopped in 37 years. 2 books in the works. the first poems and the second I hope will be a collaberation w/ someone.
    It has all the armarks of a best seller as well as being good. Hroton ? Groton don’t you mean. I am humble by the fact that you wrote and staggered thatthat MS is being passed around. As long as it’s read

  5. Catania - Remember me ? Says:

    I haven’t talked to you since you had to cancel your trip here.
    I’m still teaching here and in Devonshire. I was whistful at the holidays and read all your writings here again. So little for so long and Now a spate ! I know you dismiss the notion of muse and take a dim view of my field of litarartio criticism but you do write so cleanly. I would love to be your translator if you publish outside of North America. I showed my students you iron mine poem. Rory bory ? what is that- aurora borealis i infer. It is early here
    More please and more again

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