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Trieste Montréal- Entente Contente-

August 11, 2012

Eleven Years Trieste Time

Eleven Years Trieste Time

Our Friend And Catalyst

Our Friend And Catalyst

August 11th and i just ate lobster for fiRst time.
Wondrous Wild Kerouacukian night
Of heads nodding Yesssss ! OuiIIIII! SIIIIII!
at a sweet moment in
The GreaT World Night
Oh Thank you Mister Moonlight!

We also and foremost wanna thank 24k
for helpimg set up
All that led to a wondrous night

Me David Louise Gregorio Claudie and Emma & Clara
(who I’d lunched w/ In Trieste at an oval table if memry serves)

Hadn’tseen em since TRS Post Demo Harbour view Pasta Sunday
Goes to show first impressions best and

Good lord we had a time TRS and Here !-
Café then my place for Charlebois and whisky
“Le Québec Love ca c’est mon Bag” – R. Charlebois 1969

Greg is gonna make pasta for whatever gang we are at end of month
after they Gaspé
and us Rufus Nuptials

Mercy !
What good friends are them
What you like and trust unconditionally
from first moment or

as shysters say
ab ibnitio

I’ve been a lotta places in past year
But tonight was Kerouackian
in it’s genesis and being
Gregorio is making pasta here for guests-
Last time i Had his pasta was after
Anti Berlusconi demo
Piazza Unitå Trieste
where we broke for apéros after 30 minutes

We are all one big
non blood family
That’s more than good enuff for me

I suggest if you get invited to GS’s Pasta Thing
Get over to 5484
We sensitive idiots are few and far between
as ever
yr pal thru eternity

Editor’s Note- The person that wrote this bibulous pleonastic tautology has been warned about typos and such before.
What he is sayiong is that he and his friends had a great time and Mr. Campbell ate lobster for first time. Big Deal. We’ve gota get rid of our main scribner as he is prone to acting on mr Allen Ginsberg’s ” First Thought Best Thought”- All well and good but the lads in the composing room who finesse this digital type are tired of SOC tripe- Hay has he eaten tripe ? I doubt it- He couldn’t stomach it
F. Scott Fitzgerald III Editor Emeritus