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Pete Seeger Thanks

January 28, 2014

Together we can do it

Together we can do it

We all owe him so much.
It was quite a surpise to find out he died
I am burning with fever and pneumonia
The world owes Pete Seeger-
Big Time
if we each take one lesson from him
and put it into practice-
He never gave up on Humanity
The old think globally act locally isn’t a nostrum-
One foot after another
Comfort the afflicted and
Afflict the comfortable
and music ?
Pick up a guitar a banjo a fiddle anything
Ain’t nothing beats a song
As Ol’ Woody Guthrie sung
“There’s a better world a comin'”
There is if we make it so
And , on a personal note, if you get a chance watch
Kate Anna Rufus Martha Bruce Cockburn and Chaim sing
Dink’s song at Pete’s 90 birhtday concert
I believe it’s on the You Tube
We really are interconnected
and not in an internet way
Pete’s frail body gone but his fraiing banjo
He made that lonesome Valley less lonesome
It’s up to each and every one of us
to keep at it, whatever that it is for you me he she
You get the picture
Thanks Pete

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