1939-1945 Memory is All

He Never Spoke of it

He Never Spoke of it

Nazi Mug Shot

Nazi Mug Shot

My Father died 34 years ago
If He were alive he’d be 97
He was a Tail gunner on a Halifax Bomber RCAF seconded to RAF-
He was shot down,parachuted into a canal in Holland
He hid in a Hayloft
The Nazis found him the next day
POW in Silesia
Stalag Luft 7
Liberated by the Russians
Declared dead twice whilst a ‘kriegie’
While he was alive I felt he came up short
He Wasn’t a pilot
After he died I found tailgunners
were called hamburger
Most didn’t survive

Flying into London 4 years ago
On way to ALbert Hall show
I cried as I saw the City that could take it
and did-
I bought shoes at Church’s on Old Brompton Road
My father bought a pair there when demobbed
They still had the record of his purchase
Memory is all we have
But memory burns bright in November now
and all Novembers to come


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4 Comments on “1939-1945 Memory is All”

  1. AUTHOR Says:

    Commenting is easy – you try it now !

  2. Kath Says:

    Beautifully written, Campbie! Your father was a hero! And you are one of mine 🙂

    • Silly Old Me Says:

      Very Kind of you Kath- very very kind

      • Theo (Susie) Perry Says:

        Hello, I was just going through old newspaper clippings and I have a picture of your father listed missing in action from the Montreal Gazette as I am your first cousin once removed.I put in your dad’s name and all this came up. Absolutely fasinating. Theo (Susie) Ritchie Perry. We lived behind you in Montreal on Roslyn.

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