January 18, 2013- You Must Understand Dahling



I do
I have and
I will.
Everyone of us in his or her own way does
You were close enough to touch in Northampton.

I feel you but
I’m human enough to say
I miss you
and sure could you giving me a dressing down
Or some kinda kick in the eye

You set and kept the bar high
a bientot- plus tot chaque jour for each of us

save a place
if indeed there is a place
and space enough
and grace enough
for me and toute
la drole de gang
gang worldwide they were and are

Fondly yr friend
in bleak Montreal midwinter
hoping this isn’t mawkish
But if it is it’s real and heartfelt
P.S. There’s a new kerouac bio which dovetails with Parkman
Perfectly distilled In Jacques et Gilles

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4 Comments on “January 18, 2013- You Must Understand Dahling”

  1. Hours after writing this here I am in middle of midwinter night
    shedding tears. Oh But Friends and Loved ones they are honest tears and the mists of past and future cloud my very being. Love & Friendship are good and the only thing … the only thing.
    At best all we have is each other. A not so leitmotif these days.
    “Better loved ye cannot be
    Will ye no come back again”
    ad orbi per campbell

  2. jane mcgarrigle Says:

    i know how much you miss Kate. She was a good friend to you, as you were to her. R.I.P. Kitty Kate.

  3. Sybilla Says:

    There are no words, no more. All is love & love is all x

  4. Dear S That’s how I feel but sadly it ain’t universal but each little bit helps and good will win as sure as tomorrow wil be -40 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit the degree at which they meet

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