Christmas 2012- Santa not Satan is real

Burns Mosaforden in winter
Photos above:# 1 Burns Presbyterian Glencoe Ontario circa 1949
#2 54 Forden Crescent Westmount Québec circa 1957

Dec 24 1975 and I was just back from working in iron mine 800 mile North of Montreal. I was down at the corner buying wine. Santa was on the radio taking calls- Most kids were telling him what they wanted, but all of s sudden ,out of nowhere, there was a call. It was a young boy or girl. Santa asked teh child what he or she wanted to say-
“Santa, I just want to say I love you”- Never in the history of humanity has there been purer or truer love. I weep freely as I write an remember. Two years ago Feb 7 2011, in the piney woods in sun mist valleys in behind cookie cutter town Trieste, Iwept as freely when 24k told me she kept her son apprised as to Santa being real.
Dear Friends, above you see two photos. The first is the church in Glencoe, Ontario, where now 7 generations of my ain folk have worshipped. The second photo is maternal home where many a christmas was merry as a grig until…
Well it’s been a hellish year here, save for one wondrous night on my balcony in Toronto and another sweet almost autumn whiskey ramble in Northampton Mass. ( They Have a bust of Silent Cal there). Me and naan were outside of Fitswilly’s smoking Players and sipping Lagavullin. It was heartening to know that naan felt the same as I – We don’t think of k as gone – I talk to her all the time. This is poorly writ and I have blues almost unto fade to black. But I’m here to tell you that Santa is real. In some other thing recently I tweely wrote that one hears that God is Love- No-
Love is God and love is good. You want to see a good loving person ? Hang outside of Burns of a Sunday and see my Cousin Louise Campbell. She lives in same house built 150 years ago by my great great grandfather. I’m an old fool kind but so flawed. And I tell you ever since my family.. well I miss ’em . So wherever you are whoever you are I’m here to tell you that Santa trumps satan into eternity.We all will be together ,if the fates allow.
all my love to each of you and remember that child who told Santa that he loved him-
A Child Shall lead them
May you be midst friends family and love
Campbell December 22, 2012 9:43 P.M. E.S. T.

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9 Comments on “Christmas 2012- Santa not Satan is real”

  1. If you get this far I want to apologise, as is my wont for such a poorly writ thing. it was a 4 minute type based on things i’ve been thinking. But , Great Gold almighty, I find it hard to write real rhythm
    writing that grabs ya without someone to write to. This explains why I am not Pope Cawdor VII- Fiats and decrees are niether my mien nor well there you have it- we all need someone to trust

    • Says:

      thanks for sharing, campbell. not poorly writ, far from it and very touching. new year’s resolution for campbie: don’t be so hard on yourself, and try to keep that big heart of yours from bruising so easily. the world can be a rough place but you are loved and “love is god and love is good.” hugs from me and my tribe, see you soon, xj

  2. Mylène Says:

    I envy you your ramble in Northampton. My heart spends far too much time there, considering that the rest of my body has never been.

    Maybe love needs to be an attitude — how we face the world and those around us — rather than a state? In that sense, when it’s directed outward and not contingent upon reciprocity, maybe only then it can be something pure? I dunno. Undercaffeinated musings, they is.

    Happy end/beginning of the year to you, Campbell.

  3. sarah Says:

    Thinking of you at Christmas Campbie and thanks for sharing our words with us…

    • Sybilla Says:

      Dearest Campbie, so sorry my eyes didn’t catch this until now – busy times as always (yes, I know Santa says ‘ho ho ho’ for a reason but I just keep running these days…)

      Much love and big hugs to you and yours, please try to find some peace and comfort in the presence (real or in (y)our minds) of the ones you love and who love you. Love is god indeed x

  4. Rob Desmond Says:

    For the sake of auld Lang syne.
    Happy Hogmaney!
    Rob Campbell Desmond

  5. campbie Says:

    Reblogged this on campbie™ and commented:

    It’s just as true on 2015

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