Decembers Past, Present, with hopes of Future



Albert Sloanie & Me

Albert Sloanie & Me

View from Stage

View from Stage

It seems like December, at leat 3 and 2 years ago were months of wonder and change.
3 years ago today I rolled into London with kate and debo. That week was a whirlwind of activity culminating in the last show ever at the Albert Hall. After the show, sore in need of a smoke, I went out artist’s door and met so many of you wonderful people. A lot of things happened in the next month that we all know happened, but we’re still here and that’s something.
Two years ago on December 8th, and I’m sure I’m the only one that remembers this, a little icon said “just peeking”
Therein lies another tale for another day but here’s a little glimpse of the wonder the was London.
And then there was the dream two years ago of the Serpentine when kate told me to go to the yellow light
No fan of Maggie Thatcher am I but she once said after having been putsched by her own party-
“It’s a Funny Old world isn’t it”
Love to all

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9 Comments on “Decembers Past, Present, with hopes of Future”

  1. sarah Says:

    Tried to comment on this before on my phone but it didn’t let me. Yes, can not believe it was 3 years ago this concert… Was lucky to have been there… And yes it is a funny old world….

  2. Sybilla Says:

    3 years! I went with my son who insisted on buying a ‘Christmassy’ sweater first, just to fit in with the festive bunch to be expected on stage 🙂 We laughed and cried, often simultaneously – what a show it was!

  3. Kath Says:

    3 years ago, then, since we first met 🙂 Good memories 😀

  4. Campbie Says:

    I am trying to reply to all yr comments but am having

  5. Campbie Says:

    I’m just hoping these replies get up there- wordpress is being porblematic this morning

  6. Campbie Says:

    That should have read problematic

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