Trouvaille- Poem From 1977



Two women have called me a lug in my life
Ish was one of them
Her real name I will keep to myself but
Ish came from Ish Kabibble
Who was in Kay Kyser’s Kollege of Musical Knowledge
That’s obiter, but true
Oh Boy I loved her
I hugged her in Harvard Square
In 1979
The Day before we
at my insistence
Hot footed it up to Lowell Mass
To visit Kerouac’s grave.
Father Spike Morissette
Who buried Jack
was happy to speak French with me
And so it went
Well here’s the poem
with Rotten ending
But sincere

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One Comment on “Trouvaille- Poem From 1977”

  1. campbie Says:

    Bloody Hell- the pic has to be dragged to desktop then enlarged
    Not bad handwriting for drunk in skidrow hotel

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