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Casablanca -70 years old today-

November 26, 2012

You Must Remember This

You Must Remember This

We note that Casablanca Premiered 70 years ago today.
It was a film The Brothers Warner put no stock in.
When it won the Oscar, Jack Warner was front & centre.
Hal Wallis never worked at WB again
Read up on Casablanca
Or just watch it again.
Under the degrees of seoaration thingy
I note That my old Girlfriend Freda’s Uncle wrote
As Time Goes by
And Friends, I never lie ( for better or worse)
It Still is the same old story
But what a story
Thanking the brothers Epstein
and George Raft for refusing the part of Rick
I remain,
Sick as a dog and stuck in Lonesome Town

In Flew Enza- Under the Grippe of the Grippe

November 19, 2012

We here at GCT™ have the flu. We took anna to the farm and would like to believe it is
Thus Related.
It Isn’t
Get your Flu shots
I didn’t
Get well wishes not as welcome as getting well
Montréál Is Balmy and I feel

S.Z. “Cuddles” Sakall, Zasu Pitts , et alia- Charactor Actors-They Happened More Than one Night

November 13, 2012

You've seen them all a Thousand times

You’ve seen them all a Thousand times

Almost Deep November and I’ve been watching old films. These are the folks that make them what they are.
Charachtor actors- S. Z. Sakall, well you know him best from Casablanca-
“What watch ? ”
“Ten Watch !”
” Such Watch !”
He was the Headwaiter in Rick’s Café.
He was nicknamed Cuddles.
We should all be so lucky
It just goes to show that
It isn’t Just Francis X Bushman Ramon Novarro
And Pola Negri-
All of them big stars Today
If Today is 1933 which it may well be
Look at these faces and you will
Smile a little Smile
I thank them and you

Remembrance Day-11-11

November 10, 2012

Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget

Whatever we have we owe to those who fought in WWII.
My father, 30+ years gone was a Tail
gunner in a Halifax Bomber
Shot down over Holland
Turned in to the Nazis by the Man
Who gave him shelter for the night.
2 years in German POW camp in Silesia
I remember= we must all remember
Good must fight against evil

America Election tomorrow- This,too, shall pass

November 5, 2012

Campaigns Past & Passed

Campaigns Past & Passed

Doonesbury and Memorry

Tomorrow a President will be elected.
Read Doonesbury above- it’s real no memry no mo’
America has fallen for this politics of division for too long
The power rests in Legislative branch which
Has no warp and weft give and take of yore
What we have in common is greater than that which we don’t
Too much doctrine and not enough Principle
Obama will be re-elected
by Ohio !
I have been to Ohio
Il n’y a rien la
If any Yankees read this and want to scarper up here
C’mon up
November is no Month to do anything
involving decision
It’s a white knuckle month

Trouvaille- Poem From 1977

November 3, 2012



Two women have called me a lug in my life
Ish was one of them
Her real name I will keep to myself but
Ish came from Ish Kabibble
Who was in Kay Kyser’s Kollege of Musical Knowledge
That’s obiter, but true
Oh Boy I loved her
I hugged her in Harvard Square
In 1979
The Day before we
at my insistence
Hot footed it up to Lowell Mass
To visit Kerouac’s grave.
Father Spike Morissette
Who buried Jack
was happy to speak French with me
And so it went
Well here’s the poem
with Rotten ending
But sincere

Day of The Dead- Under The Volcano 74 today

November 2, 2012

Under The Volcano 1st Edition

Under The Volcano 1st Edition

In Mexico Today is Day of The Dead
Under the Volcano took place
Nov 2, 1938
Better to Have one day Than a whole month
Read The book- it’s a slog but great
I’m Feeling Geoffrey Firmin in General these Days
Happy Volcano Day

November- Call Me, Ishmael- Crescent 3- 4071

November 1, 2012

I’ve been watching that old tree for years
Day in, Day out,
Nigh on every Day
Well that tree has hit November,
A Month That has little to recommend it
You can tell me about February
and the blues
But waxing sun gives a hint of hope
Claudette Colbert Hitching dress and ride
It happened one night
November is waning, no sensE whining
America has it right with their Thanksgiving
In Dark No0vember
I’m Free and have a car so….
Either way we go on

P.S. Headstone is where my ashes shall rest in eternity- Rose Hill/Lilac Knoll- Mount Royal Cemetary