Rufus Montreal Oct 26- 2012-Beyond Words-

it’s 4.12 in a.m here but have been trying upload pix one hour.
I have seen and know an awful lot bout music
But Rufus’s show tonight was sans pareil-
I went bec. i was comped and hoped to hang later w/
The show was out of this world
3 and a half hurs of seamless magic void of egos
1600 people mesmerised in a giant old Québec church
Tho’ I wrote first part after getting back
from wine soaked get together
I’m now awake and sober and I can truly say that show was unbelievable
If James Brown were alive
He would have to cede
his moniker of
The Hardest Working Man in Show business to Rufus
This tour is coming to an end
and those of you who have seen it will know what I mean
Mother of God, that was one for the ages


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6 Comments on “Rufus Montreal Oct 26- 2012-Beyond Words-”

  1. Anne in Sweden Says:

    mo words please

  2. Sullivan T, Says:

    How do I contact you ?

  3. Sybilla Says:

    I am so pleased to still have one more Rufus concert to go to this tour, the one in Brussels! Can’t wait to see that awesome show once more 🙂

    • campbie Says:

      Dear S- it was truly amazing. 3 or so hours of seamless entertainment that went by in a flash. Krystal was a knockout on I don’t know and ditto Teddy T on Saratoga. R’s voice gets better and better and , well he isn’t making a cent on these shows because when he does things the art comes before the money.

  4. Sybilla Says:

    I adored Teddy’s Saratoga when I heard it last Spring and Krystle is truly a gem! Such a bunch of talented people on one stage 🙂 and so generous of Rufus to let them take center stage at times. He’s the real deal for sure ❤
    Take care x

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