October 5 1972- A bit Premature But that fits

Around the corner from this school

Around the corner from this school

Well Dear Friends, tomorrow shall mark the 40th anniversary of me losing my virginity.
I hope we all observe 10 seconds of reflection , which is twice as long as it took.
I want to send thanks to Sheila Carey wherever she is today.
Nixon was up for re election and I was 19 years old
It was the so called sexual revolution and I was scared
so very very scared
Sheila Had been my Girlfriend I guess, in Montreal in 1969
I lost track of her and I don’t know how I got in touch with her
No internet and Long distance was prohibitive
It must have been ink pen paper (still the best way to communicate)
I write this in October in my 60th year to Heaven (Pace Dylan Thomas)
And the years have come and the years have gone
And time has flown by
But I’ll never forget Sheila’s kindness
and understanding
There have been dozens and dozens of lovers since then.
I remember few of them
But I remember Sheila Carey
In October
In Massachussets
A month of noble rot
and harvest of emblements and memrories
I also bought my first Jimmie Rodgers records at the Harvard Coop
It started me on this musical journey
That is far more important than losing my virginity
Sheila made me feel good about myself-
I figure that’s what we are here for.
Making people feel good about themselves.
It’s not Nobel maybe not even Noble
But it’s something
love as ever

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