Rufus Wedding Eve- The Stars above Montauk are real

Lousy Internet here so brevity is key.I run into old friends all over this strange place. Last night I had migraine for 1st time in years. Tonight I saw Ursa Minor Big Dipper and other stars that aren’t transient. It’s Gonna be something. I dunno what . Naan et alia aredown at big do at giant estate. I had dinner where the post meal reception’ll be. The sea that big old rolling ocean pounds like a heartbeat outside my ramshackle door. The Night is loaded with darkness a darkness I haven’t seen since 37 year ago Nouveau Québec mine time.Well folk’s I’m gonna have to hole off on any more bec this net is too damn slow. I have put ink pen to work aping kerouac in big sure but i came up with words of sound no whooosh of kerouac. I have no e mail right now so love to all of you from an idiot rambling lopsided through a world growing younger by the day

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