Mon Talk De Montauk- Great Gatsby Redux

Not where we will Be staying

Not where we will Be staying

Where we are Going

Where we are Going

Crikey here we go again !

Well we are kipping in Mass or MA as it now is , on Monday. Naan et alia will be upscale upstairs while I shall be Quality Motel Downtown Abie
Christ ! My nerves ! Not a sense of doom but of dread
In for a pfennig !
This is way way way more complicated than any trip I’ve ever organised
More later… as a wise woman once wrote
I’m thinking of moving to Pago Pago pronounced Pango Pango because original mapmakers ran out of ‘l’s.
We, at this end are freaking out.
More news as it develops
I Took 4 Blue Blazers in to be cleaned
That with the new one makes 5
Sunday aube-
I gots the Heebies
I mean The Jeebies
Not on the Gantry yet Elmer-
Looks kinda like the Gallis Pole
From My Sunday morning wake up
As I stare out at St. Michael The Archangel

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7 Comments on “Mon Talk De Montauk- Great Gatsby Redux”

  1. campbie Says:

    WHICH IS WHERE I’D Rather be right now

  2. Sybilla Says:

    Up the creek is ok, just don’t go down the creek! Have fun and keep us posted (somehow or other) :O x

  3. Sybilla Says:

    If it’s sunny down there, you should wear a kilt – always right for a wedding 🙂

  4. campbie Says:

    I don’tt want to draw attention away from the woosome twosome
    I’ll wear a kilt on my birthday- I promise

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