Rufus Open’s Jazzfest for 100,000- Low Rez Photos and bibulous text

Show opener Candles

Show opener Candles

Rufus & Teddy Thompson

Rufus & Teddy Thompson

Joel & His new Fiddle

Joel & His new Fiddle

En famille sans Beach Boy Dane Lanken

En famille sans Beach Boy Dane Lanken

Original Beach Boy Dane with Sylvan

It’s late – I’m old – Well quite the show tonight
Just a word of thanks to the gang as per and a special Hello to Krystle, Andy, & Sharif
From Luminato to Laminates-
We are safely informed that the post show thingy went late late late- Balconville Toronto redux.
The Montreal Gazette gives a glowing review That contains one small error. Loudon didn’t participate, the paterfamilias Dane Lanken sang. La Presse Review hereSo many nice people and what a band!! Led by Brad Albetta they slew. If , perchance this tour makes it any where near you, DROP ALL AND GO.
Nice seeing Ariel, Genevive, Jordan, Carol, Chaim, Susannah , Moses, Emilie, Vinnie Kathleen Nessie and so many others we haven’t seen since the Bacchanal here last December. The Sala Rossa was a nice place to swill wine and gnosh. I had a great time as my head this morning will attest- Yikes ! If you hit the hotlink you’ll see the review which I believe contains video, a medium that, unlike still photography Ol Campbell has not yet mastered. Our Cab driver wouldn’t believe Sharif wasn’t Ziggy Marley- Oh Well. It was a gas to see Alaistair who we hadn’t seen since his frockcoat evening at The Albert Hall nigh on 3 years ago. We also had great chat with Bill Frissell who by happensatnce or grand design plays on the Hunter Thompson project that Hal Willner gave us in Toronto. Hearing 100,000 people singing Complainte was heart warming. anna on squeeze box and Joel on that new fiddle was icing on cake. I’m sure there are typos here but it’s sincere. Extra Thanks to Cleo and Rygel Zifkin for taking care of arc and using the iPhone I was hapless at respectively. Let’s do it again
as ever

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4 Comments on “Rufus Open’s Jazzfest for 100,000- Low Rez Photos and bibulous text”

  1. campbie Says:

    My pictures , tho lousy , are sincere

  2. campbie Says:

    Hey those are the same chandeliers as Toronto-or mr bleary eye sare wrong

  3. LR Says:

    terrible photography. another great night. I miss everyone so much. liking the bass vocal section loosening up and taking off jackets. sequins next?

    montreal. it doesn’t leave you alone.

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