Toronto- Images with text

Sylvan Rehearsing

Sylvan Rehearsing

Campbell & Hal Wilner and Martha after film

“Campbell & Hal Wilner and Martha after film”

Rufus after Dinner Il Torrino

Rufus after Dinner Il Torrino

Jorn Meets Us at Il Torrino

Sound Check One

Sound Check One

Sound Check 2

Sound Check 2

Au 43ieme étage anna campbell robert charlebois

Au 43ieme étage anna campbell robert charlebois

The bifurcation of show and balcony at hotel. Toronto no longer resembles Tirana Albania. The show was great in spite of my misgivings. For ‘ol me the highlights were anna doing Jaques and Gilles from the newly reissued Matapedia It may not be Kate’s greatest song but it’s her most important in that she takes Franco American Migration and distills Parkman et alia in 3 verses. Buy This disc Stat.
Krystle Warren & Teddy Thompson tore the house down with Go leave. The 4 members of what was Broken Social Scene amazed by doing amazing interpreations of Mother Mother & Come Back Baby. Nice to see the pantheon is not cast in wax or stone. Emmy Harris was the dear sweet woman she always is and it was great to see Maple Byrne. He hipped me to the Bear Family Bristol Sessions in NYC last year. I gave him my copy of Big Bang of Country music. Tit for tat. Also nice to see and hear a B3 with Leslies. CBC sent someone to host who, in true CBC fashion, called the sisters Half Scottish and Half French Canadian. Mixing Hibernia and Caledonia is a big ixnay in my book. We ran into Warren Clements of The Globe and caught up after too many years. We had a few words with A. Clarkson. She’s no longer on take 30 but apparently was GG for a while. Good for her. So modest Ms. C. Crikey I can’t encapsulate a week in this blog and most of wehat went on on the balcony is either libellous or lost in a fog of smoke and wine. We’d love to hear of any video of the show. Oh yes and it was heartening to see Hal Wilner. A mensch, if that’s really a word he is one. Meeting M. Charlebois made my week. It was after seeing him open for Steppenwolf on June 23rd 1969 at the old Montréal Forum that caused me to learn French. No Gars ben Ordinaire him. Buy his records and you’ll see.

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3 Comments on “Toronto- Images with text”

  1. campbie Says:

    Hey idiot boy ! anna told you to write not post snaps. WTF ?

  2. t.ruth Says:

    really like your low-rez tableaux. you got small poxels ?

  3. campbie Says:

    it’s digital hungarian gouache

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