Balconville- Sheraton Centre- Week summary to follow

Balconville- Sheraton Style

Balconville- Sheraton Style

Well we need a caption- on the 401

Well we need a caption- on the 401

we are here
Lordy lordy so this is toronto 2012
glad i got a room with balcon
people dropping by
anyone read this ?
By anyone I mean outside of that 7000 strong group in the antipodes
anna just dropped by
there were 5 of us* on the balcony
with ersatz zen garden
or leafy glade
your view depending
and stories got told
outta nowhere
and memry dear sweet memry
well memory smiles
anna’s story of kate, the rolling stop in TMR,
The cop, the smile, the ticket, The turnaround-
Had us in hysterics and encapsulated the wonder that was kate

anna, dane, teddy W, linda Read, campbell

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7 Comments on “Balconville- Sheraton Centre- Week summary to follow”

  1. Sybilla Says:

    I’m pretty much outside of everything and yes, I read this 😉
    made me smile too x

  2. campbie Says:

    Ah, But you’re not just anybody !!!!

  3. I read it too. Nice, a tree grows in Toronto.

  4. t.ruth Says:

    but where is the muskeag? to go with the shining birch tree?

  5. campbie Says:

    we erred and got a muskox instead. that would be me

  6. LR Says:

    hey, that balcon was on fire. shining bright comme un si beau phare.

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