Muddy York Here we Come- Oops I mean Toronto

Photo- Gail Kenney

Photo- Gail Kenney

Garden Court™ is heading to Toronto. We understand it’s a “World Class City”. The first of our gang are in transit as I type. The Celtic ? Scandy Dancers with used knees head off Monday. Watch this space for random updates. We understand that we have rooms with balconies which means -“smoke ’em if you got ’em”
We Wish Naan Good Luck Tomorrow on her talk with Michael Ondaatje and the Exquis Tom Mennier. This is all part of the Luminato Festival- In no particular order we shall comprise-
Dane, Anna, Lily, Sylvan, Chaim, Martha, Brad, Arc, Rufus, Janie, Joel,Campbell/Campbie™, and so many others. The whole thing curated by Joe Boyd and Luminato is overseen by Dear Jorn Weisbrodt
What Hijinks and hilarity shall ensue is anyone’s guess. If this “anyone ” knows, please let me know.
yr pal
We Read in an old poem that-
Toronto has no social classes-
Only the Masseys and the Masses.

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4 Comments on “Muddy York Here we Come- Oops I mean Toronto”

  1. Sybilla Says:

    Oh, have fun everyone! Hugs to you ‘n all 🙂

  2. campbie Says:

    Thanks- anna has already spoken today. Martha singing tonight. R gives free concert Sunday. Film Wednesday. Show Friday. I go with Dane by Car Monday w/ guitars etc – so ther can be no show without us

  3. Uno Hoo Says:


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