NewYear’s aube- Dear kate

sitting here-

anna kate campbell osheaga august  '09

anna kate campbell osheaga august '09

just back from joel’s
and yes i’ve been drinking
and yes it’s late
but dammit you left a void
A savage editor you were the one who set the bar high

zz say you took care of us
I say you included us
It’s new years where you and carol
and latterly me
would stay up late
aw kate- I’m in no hurry for eternity
there’s enough of that apace
save me a place on the floor

but in 2011 you woulda given me what for
You must understand-

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4 Comments on “NewYear’s aube- Dear kate”

  1. campbie Says:

    what the hell
    it’s late
    and anyone who reads this
    will understand
    yr loving

  2. Sybilla Says:

    I understand. Wishing you a Joyous & healthy New Year, take care x

  3. Sybilla Says:

    but what I really meant to say is: I miss her – so I cannot begin to imagine what it must feel like for the ones who were really close to her. Love y’all!

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