Campbell in the woodpile- Photo k mcgarrigle December 2006

No Joan of Arc, I

The Mountain of My Youth-photo by kate

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3 Comments on “Campbell in the woodpile- Photo k mcgarrigle December 2006”

  1. campbie Says:

    I knwo it’s me speakig but i’m gonna spill it all here. NO raman a clef for me. Tho not a facebook member, i sent out an apb thru friends to find out about her and got back a mind blowing though probably accurate DSM diagnosis if borderline personality didsorder for her- it does exlain the complete lack of conscience or emathy and solipsistic everything. Still…

  2. Kath Says:

    Eagerly anticipating your next utterances 🙂

  3. campbie Says:

    It’s going to be bloody hard. I am at the nadir of my existence. Part of me died in TRS. I’m told i was in the company of a very unstable person but those of us who’ve been there will aver that it’s hard to accept what may seem obvious to others. Even tho contacted by soemone who knows the person better than i , am still reeling. I’ll write the story before NYC

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