Happy New Year from a Lapsed Patrician

Master Cammy at 3637 The Boulevard
Campbie at Great Grandmother’s House circa 1961- What, No Breeks ?
Here’s to all who trip stumble or fall here.
May 2011 be the bestest year ever.
I’m Hopeful but That is my wont
Love from campbell

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4 Comments on “Happy New Year from a Lapsed Patrician”

  1. campbie Says:

    Thank you me for being so hopeful. I know I’m cheery but there’s a leitmotif i haven’t detected in me in a while.

  2. sarah Says:

    Happy New Year Campbell! Hoping is good. It is what keeps us all going!

  3. Kathrine Says:

    Happy new year, Campbell! Hope it’s been a good festive season… And that 2011 will be everything we want it to be 😀

  4. Kathrine Says:

    oh, and can I just say that I absolutely love you in this photo?!! 🙂

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