Anna defies gravity

I’ll Make youse a tsar

Anna defies gravity

Tells Isaac Newton what she thinks

And Auditions Songs for

Ill Fated Musical ‘Gnashville Katz”-

Thanks a lot estate T.S,Eliot !

This one had BOFFO writ Large

Happy B’day Dear Anna
from GCT™
And so many more
All across this world
Yr Birth gave a hint of the joy
That would be VE Day !!
Hurray for Anna

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4 Comments on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA-”

  1. campbie Says:

    The above Kodak Moment from a Poetry reading
    And soirée musicale
    Spring 2008

  2. campbie Says:

    updated just for anna w/hot link and awl.

  3. sarah Says:

    Happy Birthday Anna!! from a fan!

  4. Sybilla Poortman Says:

    Frail, strong Anna – I hope she had a great one!

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