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Happy New Year from a Lapsed Patrician

December 30, 2010

Master Cammy at 3637 The Boulevard
Campbie at Great Grandmother’s House circa 1961- What, No Breeks ?
Here’s to all who trip stumble or fall here.
May 2011 be the bestest year ever.
I’m Hopeful but That is my wont
Love from campbell


December 4, 2010

Anna defies gravity

I’ll Make youse a tsar

Anna defies gravity

Tells Isaac Newton what she thinks

And Auditions Songs for

Ill Fated Musical ‘Gnashville Katz”-

Thanks a lot estate T.S,Eliot !

This one had BOFFO writ Large

Happy B’day Dear Anna
from GCT™
And so many more
All across this world
Yr Birth gave a hint of the joy
That would be VE Day !!
Hurray for Anna