Grey de Chausée Gardens- July 07

Me and Albert Maysles Discussing anyting but Fillums

He thought I wanted to pitch a film idea

I don’t even pitch a roof

or woo for that matter

All I wanted to know was how to pronounce his name correctly

Maysles or Mysles (former correct)

He grew up in Brookline and we discussed the era of Honey Fitz

Them was times and these was times

Music was played tree in the A.M and a splendid time was had by all

That was summer – this writ in melville november

We go on in memry not nostalgia-

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5 Comments on “Grey de Chausée Gardens- July 07”

  1. campbie Says:

    Hey me, why don’t you learn a little HTML ?

  2. campbie Says:

    Damn straight alter ego

  3. SWF Says:

    I was there but was scared to approach you.

  4. anna Says:

    Those were the days! R&M should have charged a premium when they sold the flat. Ah! the stories of that night, and I had to miss it.

  5. claudette-henriette grignon Says:

    Les belles histoires du logis d’en bas.

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