In Daze Gone By

Et In Arcadia ego This is my first post on this new blog that I was forced into by convergence.

I have lost all my old links I think. Oh Well. Here’s a Photo of Campbie™ i 1955. At left is Camille our faithful jacko’ no trades and my grandfather not looking like the world famous OB/Gyn he was. Now let’s see what this looks like. Any help or comment would be mo’ than appreciated

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7 Comments on “In Daze Gone By”

  1. campbie Says:

    I am just testing to se if tis has to get vetted by moi

  2. sarah Says:

    well there was a clever link from your old blog/windows thingy that took me here…. llooks good to me…. maybe i should move to wordpress… mind you i am not really updating mine at the moment!

  3. sarah Says:

    wow- just looked again and all your old blog posts are transferred over…. i wonder how it does that!?!

  4. campbie Says:

    click photo to see full size

  5. Longtime Fan Says:

    Have looke at your blog. Verrrry Nice!!!!!

  6. Kathrine Says:

    hello there, looking very good on wordpress too 🙂 And that is possibly the cutest little boy I have ever seen!

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