Surgery Over Recovery Begun

Special Thanks to Dane Lanken for picking me up and offering to stay with me- above and beyond

Teddy Wainwright for the All Bran and humanity

Martha Wainwright for visiting me while I was crashed out after post op

Anna McGarrigle for telling me to let people help

Dr Roger Tabah , Sonia Semenic Phd, and Joel Zifkin for visiting

Jody Sutherland for making the hospital work

Chaim Tannenbaum and Susannah Phillips in NYC for putting up with me

Linda Thompson Kenis in London for being an angel

Deborah Adler for so much support

Kath & Sarah from the Albert Hall who stay in touch and are good people

and PARC who knows what she’s done

Now to get back in shape

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2 Comments on “Surgery Over Recovery Begun”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Not fully online in the midst of a move…. but glad to hear it went ok and wishing you a speedy recovery! All Bran is a good start- Bran Flakes are good too!

  2. Kathrine Says:

    Glad to hear you have people around you – and honoured to be mentioned with the others 🙂 Recover quickly!! :o)

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