Health- Update

Campbie’s health is bad
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4 Comments on “Health- Update”

  1. Sarah Says:

    yes here is hoping!

  2. Unknown Says:

    Cambie, hope you\’re feeling a much better kind of wonky. I\’ve been perusing all things Kate and Anna (as many of us have) and have enjoyed your photos and special you tube section (your gift and presentation of the Canadiens shirt to B&M for little A was very sweet). I have two questions for your fine self; I can\’t seem to find a copy of the book of Kate and Anna – my queries have come back with \’out of print\’. Any ideas? Also, would love to know if the fantastic T-shirt Lily wore at The Knitting Factory, of K&A might be for sale anywhere…..the image is also on the Love Over and Over album. You take good care Cambie.

  3. Campbell Says:

    K&A book- I\’l ask the author. You could drop me an email at teawhyselwyn@Hotmail(dot)com

  4. Campbell Says:

    Dear No Name- If you Get in touch with me and I\’ll make sure you get a copy of the book. I\’ll ask Lil about the shirt. There has never been a glut of K&A \’ merch\’

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