Kate- Proserpina’s Gone Home To Mama

Photo by Joel Zifkin


Roll sweetly through eternity

Wordless for once

Thank you dear kate

We shall ramble again

and rail through the night

On some other shore

Where sorrow is no more

And the long night Yields

To a waxing dawn

yr friend campbell

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15 Comments on “Kate- Proserpina’s Gone Home To Mama”

  1. Tanya Says:

    Campbell,I have no words but just wanted to say that you are all in my thoughts. What sad news to hear 😦 there are many a heavy heart around the world today . I am hoping you all find the strength to get through this difficult time. lots of love Tanya xx

  2. Campbell Says:

    Thanks Tanya: I think we are all in shock. The only people important right now are Rufus, Martha, Anna, Jane, and little Arcangelo. Hang in there

  3. Sarah Says:

    nice photo and words… thank you for sharing them and all the best to you all….

  4. Linda Says:

    My thoughts are with you in Canada. Take care of each ohter and be strong xx Linda

  5. Campbell Says:

    Dear Kathrine: Thanks. We are still in a sort of shock. She was our navigator and instilled her wanderlust and lust for living. I still insist we are all part of that same family to one degree or another. Anna\’s words at Mcgarrigles.com bring me to tear everytime i read them. I am writing this without my reading glasses so excuse the typosKathrine\’s a good name!I\’m thinkin\’ of you and our meeting in London tonightCampbell

  6. Campbell Says:

    To Kathrine: I inadvertantly deleted yr post. If you still want to put it up please do so. I am without glasses and a bit emotional. My sincere apologies. Come back please.

  7. Kathrine Says:

    I said something about how for \’wordless\’, you express yourself well… And then I mentioned how the world feels colder, without Kate! And sent my warmest regards. Don\’t worry about deleting the post, my friend, these things happen! That night in London – we were soooo cold, we didn\’t want to go, but in the end decided we had to, and we would have, if you hadn\’t arrived. so we\’re eternally grateful! And I\’m particularly grateful you gave me the book with Kate\’s ski girl on … brings tears to my eyes now, but in a good way 🙂

  8. Kathrine Says:

    it was quite funny, come to think of it – we were waiting for Martha & Rufus, but when Rufus finally did appear, we were so absorbed in conversation with you we almost forgot to talk to him ..

  9. Campbell Says:

    You should have just told me to shut up !

  10. Liesbeth Says:

    Hi Campbell, I saw you on a canadian news broadcast…brought tears to my eyes. A wonderful lady is lost, but the memories still remain. I wish you all the strength you need to get through this. Like Rufus said, her last years were very fruitful and she never lost her wit and humour. I did not know her of course, but maybe it is what she got back from her friends and family that kept her going. Anyhow, she was an example for us all in that way. I really regret not taking trips with my mother when she was ill. I wanted to, and her body would have managed, but her mind was already in a dark place…when I feel it is my time, I\’ll just squeeze everything out of life that I can, just like Kate….

  11. Campbell Says:

    Liesbeth. Thanks. if you ever saw kate you knew her.

  12. Kathrine Says:

    Campbell!! We didn\’t want you to shut up! 😀 We were enjoying ourselves too much 🙂 Thanx for keeping us warm back then. Wish we could keep you warm at a time like this..

  13. Campbell Says:

    But you are keeping me warm. We are friends now and shall surely meet again. I don\’t think anyone had any idea how big this extended family is. We here are still numb and the reality hasn\’t sunk in. The ritual of funeral or whatever there shall be is very important. You guys are making the waiting a little bit easier. As I told you I have neither brothers sisters nor significant other ( how i hate that term!). I can\’t tell you how much this helps. I may be an idiot but I am sicere.campbell

  14. campbie Says:

    January 2012- wow- so many nice people in this world- For whatever reason I just re read this – what wondrous people you are
    campbell in bleak montreal midwinter

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