Midwinter Blues-

Inchoate January Lament

Midwinter Blues and so they are
and shall remain on and on anon
oh non! c’est de trop!-
There’s been no light since Melville’s November
And it sure is bleak
Jacobean pillow a stone
mixed metaphors of blue mingled with
evasive verbiage.
there’s no one to drink wine with
and explore the past in queries
ballads and life
there’s a guitar at my hand
and a banjo cross the room
I go to bed and read of British Music Hall Comedians
Or Kenneth Williams
Or Tony Hancock
A rum situation indeed !

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7 Comments on “Midwinter Blues-”

  1. Campbell Says:

    tell me about it

  2. Kathrine Says:

    our thoughts are with all of you …

  3. Campbell Says:

    Dear Kathrine: Thank you so very much

  4. Sarah Says:

    thinking of you all too

  5. Campbell Says:

    Dear Sarah: Thanks. We go on. Difficult time for ALL. You dear friends are dear friends now and forever. Yr words mean a lot.

  6. Kathrine Says:

    our deepest condolances. so grateful to have been able to see her in December, and Proserpina. so so sad now.. if cyber hugs were real, I would send you one … *hugs*

  7. Campbell Says:

    they are real thank you. Proserpina has gone home to mama

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