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Kate- Proserpina’s Gone Home To Mama

January 19, 2010

Photo by Joel Zifkin


Roll sweetly through eternity

Wordless for once

Thank you dear kate

We shall ramble again

and rail through the night

On some other shore

Where sorrow is no more

And the long night Yields

To a waxing dawn

yr friend campbell

Midwinter Blues-

January 13, 2010

Inchoate January Lament

Midwinter Blues and so they are
and shall remain on and on anon
oh non! c’est de trop!-
There’s been no light since Melville’s November
And it sure is bleak
Jacobean pillow a stone
mixed metaphors of blue mingled with
evasive verbiage.
there’s no one to drink wine with
and explore the past in queries
ballads and life
there’s a guitar at my hand
and a banjo cross the room
I go to bed and read of British Music Hall Comedians
Or Kenneth Williams
Or Tony Hancock
A rum situation indeed !

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