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Here’s a photo of idiot boy giving M& B a Canadiens shirt

More London jottings when I get up. I’m still boggled at how nice everyone was to us in London.

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8 Comments on “Back From London- Text to Follow”

  1. Kathrine Says:

    That was great – you got your photos 😀 And the family – your family (our family!) seem to enjoy it a lot 🙂

  2. Campbell Says:

    we are most certainly all family. especially at this time of yearlovecampbell

  3. Sarah Says:

    the giving of the present was very natural (honestly) and the smiles it received are very natural too from what i could sense….

  4. Campbell Says:

    you were spot on. I came of age in the \’60s. There was a lot of talk about sharing. It\’s one of the things that I hold dear. When i gave all that stuff from the gift bags tou you 3 dear women it was because you had taken the time to wait outside.That\’s why I said you were pat of the family. More friends than fans. you sarah like Martha. Martha is kind of like a daughter to me. Having met you guys I kmow that somewhere down the line we shall meet again. It\’s nice running into old friends. Rufus & Martha work harder than any two peole I know. I\’ve met quite a few "famous" people. A Lot of them are arrogant. These dear Wainwrights are just normal people. I read on R\’s message board that My friend Dr. Roger Tabah took a woman from Poland backstage at the interval. Anna embraced her like an old friend.It\’s nice when decent people meet decent people. But I do chatter on. I truly hope you realise how much you are appreciated , respected and loved by R&M. Kate saved my life many years ago. Try listening to some Mcgarrigle music and you\’ll see where all this comes from. on stage i was trying to say that tho\’ we are all treated like family, it all started with one simple family from montreal who have invited the world into their lives. It\’s humbling when deacent folks such as you sarah take up that invite. Oh I write too much but it\’s sincere. we\’ll talk soon- campbell hendery montreal

  5. Sarah Says:

    all the things you say are why i and i guess so many others really appreciate the family and their music- although it took me a while to work out that there was a family connected, after a couple of years of listening to and appreciating Martha\’s debut album, not really knowing who she was. I can not pretend to really know Martha or her family, but I find it so refreshing that there is such a strong family feeling, in this day and age, which sometimes feels like it is going a bit too much in the direction of individualism/isolation and people out for themselves… i also find it (and this will sound really cheesy now, but..) really inspiring that both martha and rufus seemed to have followed their instincts and their dreams and as you say obviously work very hard at what they do…. and the fact that they seem like genuine, nice enough people, makes it even nicer. i really appreciate you taking the time to communicate with us, as it really brings an extra human touch to it all. I am always aware though, that although it is a good and natural thing to appreciate their music and them as people, that it is another to start intruding on their and their friends\’ lives… so i do try and keep that in mind as well. (Oh and seeing as you have been kind enough to share your time and blog I feel it is only right to give you the link to mine- but with absolutely no obligation to have a look! Anyway, it is here: )

  6. Sarah Says:

    Thanks for your kind wishes and I also want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  7. Campbell Says:

    sarah have the best of christmases. i am having dinner with the mcg\’s and my mother tomorrow.we shall talk soonas evercampbell

  8. Sarah Says:

    Hi there, hope you had a nice Christmas…. I expect you have already seen this- but just in case you haven\’t here is an article written by Martha in the Times:

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