why we’re in London

About to leave Londonium
Will tell all when i get back
gazz made it as did anna
So much to tell
I shall return

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10 Comments on “why we’re in London”

  1. Kathrine Says:

    hi!!! Just found your blog 🙂 I\’m the Norwegian girl who waited (and waited..) outside the RAH this Wednesday – with my Swedish and English friends. We\’re eternally grateful you kept us company 😀 Kath

  2. Campbell Says:

    Kathrine- Lovely to hear from you. So nice to meet you. We\’re al so very tired at this endlove campbell

  3. Sarah Says:

    Hi there! I just found your blog too! I am Sarah (Although I don\’t think I said my name!) -the English girl who met you outside… I wanted to say thank you too for keeping us company, especially as it was unexpected. I also have a blog- but only really getting started on it and have not really got a focus for it yet- so no sure whether to give you the link- oh well I don\’t need to decide that yet…. anyway best wishes

  4. Campbell Says:

    hi sarah. anna\’s the real blogger i just keep this up instead of doing that facebook. you were so nice. I had dinner w/ brad the next night and we were so amazedthat you guys braved that biting cold. hope the dvd plays

  5. Sarah Says:

    Hi again… Well my blog is an attempt at being more creative than I was on facebook (which I quit!)- just that i have not quite worked out how to do so…. I have not tried the dvd yet- seem to be saving it- maybe as there are so many people\’s videos of a not so silent night being uploaded and i guess i might treat the dvd as a christmas present! now I really want to hear more of kate and anna\’s music as I have fallen in love with what i heard of theirs at the RAH- \’wise men\’ and \’prosperina\’- both really touched me- along with martha\’s rendition of \’mary had a baby\’… anyway, i won\’t take up too much space in your comments section here!

  6. Campbell Says:

    Sarah-you never take up space. you are probably just as shy as I am. I mask it with outgoing personality. Your comments and words are ALWAYS welcome. Any friend of Martha\’s is a friend of mine.off to bed for me. we\’ll talk soon.

  7. Linda Says:

    3rd wise man singning in 🙂 Linda from Stockholm!Last one of the waiting ppl I see. Hello Campbell and thank you for everything!The cd is sort of working in my computor but it lists as something completely different than wise men.Love the song and its is such a wonderful memory to save of a an amazing evening in London. Take Care!

  8. Kathrine Says:

    haha, 3 wise (wo)men waiting – that\’s nice, Linda 🙂 I thought I might as well mention I\’ve got a blog too – though I hardly write anything anymore, but I do think about taking it up again … Anyway, if you\’re bored, or completely run out of things to read – here it is – http://xrisimopoio.blogspot.com/ Hope you are well 😀

  9. Tanya Says:

    Hi Campbell, tis me – the Irish girl – we met last year and spoke briefly last week 🙂 I hope you are all well rested from your trip and no doubt buzzed by such a wonderful show. It truly was amazing. I do like Carnegie Hall as a venue but I\’ve always found something cold about it. The Albert Hall is 2.5 times bigger but somehow it felt like a cosy warm venue, literally as Martha described it, their living room. It truly is a rarity and a treasured gift to be able to put on a show like that. We have all been blessed by the music of Rufus and Martha, and of course Kate and Anna. They are also so very generous with their time meeting fans etc. I have made so many great friends through following them which is an added bonus :). anyhoo I\’m rambling ……just thought I’d say hi

  10. Campbell Says:

    Hi Tanya- I remember you very well. The row in front of us at RAH. am still knackered but awash in the wondrous good feelings engendered by all of you and all involved in the show. Montreal is a bit of a cold letdown after seeing all you dear people againwe shall talk anoncampbell

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