Tyger Wodehouse-sic transit…

Tiger Tiger Taking Flight

From Irate wife in the night

Did nocturnal symmetry

Make you take the car and flee ?

Did you drive a hole in one

Has the Love Match come undone ?

What has caused this Swede’s dismay

Are you some Frabjous gone astray?

Did you stray Callooh! Callay!

Howdya Spell YOUR 4 in PLAY ?

Was There some tryst, an escapade

That made you take the Escalade

Nigh unto an Everglade ?

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3 Comments on “Tyger Wodehouse-sic transit…”

  1. Campbell Says:


  2. Campbell Says:

    commenting on my own verbiage is de trop

  3. Robert Says:

    very blakeanrob

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