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Shout & Murmur ( an aside in November)

November 17, 2008

Ol’ Buddha said that this here corporeal existence is all illusion, Maya if you will.
Various Religions focus on eternal reward for suffering.
That very well may be and I kinda hang with ol’ Sid Gautama
I’m afraid that all that falls by the wayside in times and situations like these.
Kind of like ‘Force Majeur’ being invoked in the soul.
There was Never any need for all this madness-

Quasi de Profundis

November 11, 2008

These words should be writ in notebook by pen.
this digital notion of someone caring to read what someone else has to say-
I’m waiting on ermine robed jackanapes of Quebec Superior Court.
It has no effect on the world but we’ve been fighting this battle and it’s too far to go back.
It ain’t Bosnia (Pace Geo. Martin) but everybody does what they can ( ibid Burt Lancaster)
and so to sleep the dreams of the damned.


November 9, 2008

Once there was hope & pluck with gleaming eyes
on the horizon.
that’s all gone now
thanatos like an oncoming midnight train

Non naan-

November 9, 2008


Campbell of Argyle

Campbell of Argyle

McGarrigle Christmas Tix

November 1, 2008

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